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American Spa

February 29th, 2016

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From December 2015 through February 2016, I filled in as executive editor at American Spa Magazine. I got to write about cryotherapy, green spas, meditation in spas, Asian beauty trends, and much more.

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Check out the March issue for my “Mind on Meditation” article (p. 60-66):

American Spa, March 2016

Also, check out this Chef’s Corner piece for a refreshing Papaya Ginger Soup recipe, courtesy of Chef Christophe Gillino at The Leela Palace New Delhi (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE):

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In the April issue of American Spa, I wrote a lot about green to celebrate Earth Month, including green spas (pages 38-44) and matcha (page 18). CLICK IMAGES BELOW TO ENLARGE.



Check out the green issue (April) here:

American Spa, April 2016

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I wrote about on-demand massage (pages 34-38) and Asian skin care (pages 50-58) in the May issue of American Spa:

American Spa, May 2016

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