Kristin Vukovic

Maldivian Days, Maldivian Nights

December 20th, 2009

Kristin Snorkeler


It rained today; passing showers left behind grey clouds and choppy waters. Still, I managed to squeeze in some snorkeling in our Indian Ocean backyard. The fish didn’t seem bothered by drops indenting their ceiling—little ones swam up to me near the surface, curious and unafraid.

The row of “water bungalows” where we are staying are situated on stilts, waves lapping below. When we took a break from snorkeling, our neighbor, seated on his back “porch,” struck up a conversation with my husband and I. Turns out he and his new wife are from New York City, and they just got married in Mumbai! They are also Indian, which added another layer of commonality. You never can tell whom you might run into on the other side of the world.

Tonight we’ll sit by the water, observe the daily shark feeding (no Great Whites—they’re small, harmless nurse sharks that swim up near the shore), and watch the sun go down over cocktails. Just another day in paradise.

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