Kristin Vukovic

Fall Back

November 1st, 2009

Spider-DogAh, the first Sunday in November, which happens to be November 1st this year. At 2 a.m. this morning, Daylight Savings Time ended, reverting us back to “Standard Time.” Our forefather Benjamin Franklin conceived the idea in 1784; the rationale behind the movement of time was to make better use of daylight hours. Resetting our clocks also saves energy because there is less need for lighting. So while turning back all of the time tellers in the house may be a pain, at least you’re going green by using less electricity (remember to turn off your lights when you leave the house!)

I woke up relatively early (9 a.m.) this morning, considering how late we were out last night. My husband and best friend trekked with me to Midtown East for a party hosted by the girlfriend of one of my Croatia press trip colleagues. I say “trekked” because we fought our way through Halloween parade bystanders, changed subways three times, and managed to hail a cab in the rain for the last leg of the journey towards the East River. The commute (when subways are running and not packed with Hallows Eve partiers) should only be a half hour from our Chelsea apartment, but it took us a full extra hour.

Nevertheless, we arrived drenched but fully masked, creatures from the Cabaret (Ricky’s still had some good masks left). Mine broke, but I would have taken it off while dancing regardless. I danced and danced with a woman dressed as a spider; when she moved her arms, her other “legs” moved with her like wings.

Sachi’s Spider-Dog costume was a hit when we took him walking around SoHo during the day—we were stopped every few blocks because people wanted to pet him. However, when we took the costume off at home, it had turned his white fur pink! But Halloween was an overall success this year, despite the long commute to the party, my mask breaking and my dog turning pink.

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